You Questioned Me About Diet Tips And I Will Answer

Many wrong diet tips in our world, this is ironic. Sadly, most people followed those cheap diet tips. Here, I will answer several usual diet tips here.
Diet Tips #1 Do you think Weight Loss Pills can help me?
Diet Tips #1 Answered: yes, weight loss pills can help you but only several, which clinically proven. But you must know only consuming weight loss pills cant help you lose weight in several days, but in overall, it can help you. Just like when you are taking exercises, do you think you will lose weight in several days? No. But in long term, yes. Weight loss pills also can help you in long term, but not in several days.

Diet Tips # 2: I want to ask about fat and calories. Do you think low fat foods=low calories?
Diet Tips #2 Answered: Sorry but I dont think so. Many non-fat desserts contain high calories. Low-fat does not always mean low-calories. You also should be careful with foods that contain high carbohydrates (rice, pasta, etc.) because eating too much this kind of food means too much energy in your body. Excess energy will be stored as fat.

Diet Tips #3: Now lets talk about high-protein foods. We need to eat many high-protein foods to promote our muscle growth.
Diet Tips #3 Answered: Err. Proteins are always important for muscles, but if you eat too much, excess proteins will only stored as fat in your body, just like I mentioned about carbohydrates above, so basically you need many protein because it is always good for your health but do not ever eat too much. If you want to have big muscles, then start your own weightlifting exercises. You will always need high protein foods, but once again, do not eat too much of them.

Diet Tips #4: What about walking? Do you think it is good for my health?
Diet Tips #4 Answered: Of course. You need walking. The most simple and effective way to lose weight. Like running or jogging, walking burns calories and can help weight loss. The longer you walk every day, the more calories you lose. Every mile of walking burns approximately 100 calories. If you walking about 5 miles walking every day, then you will lose one pound in a week.

Diet Tips #5: I will only buy weight loss pills which approved by the FDA.
Diet Tips #5 Answered: Sorry, but there is no guarantee about weight loss pills which guaranteed by FDA. You should research more before you consuming any weight loss pills. Sometimes, the side effects are too dangerous for you, even if they approved by the Food and Drug Administration. You should using weight loss pills only if you have commitment to change your life behaviors and if you have commitment to control yourself when you are eating.
Diet Tips #6: Eat many eggs, you will never get fat
Diet Tips #6 Answered: I must agree. Recently, research proves that the major dietary culprit is high saturated-fat intake. Since eggs are low in saturated fat as well as in calories they are not as unhealthy as some may think. Just dont smoking, gambling, and any other stupid behavior. Start following a meal plan for 1 week and stick to it in the next weeks.

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